Featured Brand - Shaeffer Lubricants

Elko Tool and Fastener ImageShaeffer Lubricants heritage provides a keen eye on the future. In 1839, Schaeffer Manufacturing Company provided greases and oils for wagon trains and steamboats. Times and technology changed. So did Schaeffer. Since then, they’ve developed many of their current concepts in lubrication, including advanced additives for performance, friction modifiers for fuel economy and synthetics for extended lubricant life.

Their strong foundation of success and their pioneering change along the way are predictors of great things to come at Schaeffer Manufacturing Company. Adapting to the changing needs of our customers for more than 165 years by inventing new technologies gives Schaeffer a special advantage. Knowing where they’ve come from provides the best route to our customers' future success.

Shaeffer's philosophy: to provide advanced lubricants for improved performance, reliability and economy.

Elko Tool and Fastener ImageWhether you need a 5 gallon container or a 6000 gallon bulk tank load, Elko Tool and Fastener can be your single source supplier of quality Shaeffer Products. We stock hundreds of industrial lubricants, fuel additives, and synthetic motor oils to meet the virtually endless individual needs of our customers. Shaeffer products are used by virtually everyone, from large national refineries and trucking companies to local jobbers and individual farmers.

The Heaviest Loads. The Most Extreme Conditions. That's Schaeffer Country. When you are carrying heavy loads under extreme conditions, your machines need all the help they can get and for over 160 years, the mining industry has trusted Schaeffer products to handle their toughest lubrication jobs. Their proven track record in providing lubrication solutions is why companies trust Schaeffer for their valuable equipment.

Featured Shaeffer Products:
#200S Silver Streak Special Multi-Lube This heavy-duty, extreme pressure lubricant is recommended for the lubrication of antifriction bearings, Babbitt bearings, pins and bushings, enclosed industrial gear cases, open gearings, dipper sticks, circle gearing, spindle and geared couplings and other applications that are common to mining. It is available in several weights depending on the application and ambient temperature

#251S Pumpable Cam Lube A semi-synthetic, extreme pressure lubricant recommended for cam and slide walking cam mechanisms found on Bucyrus-Erie 2500 series draglines and the Marion 8800 and 8900 draglines.

#238 Moly Supreme Grease Moly Supreme withstands greater shock loads and normally lasts two to three times longer than ordinary greases. It is completely waterproof and with the addition of MoS2, has proven to successfully reduce wear on all types of anti-wear friction bearings and chassis points. Other greases used in the mining industry include our Moly Ultra 800 EP, Moly Ultra Red EP, and Moly EP Synthetic Blend Grease.

#239S Super Lube Supreme A synthetic blend TO-4 Cat fluid recommended for use in Cat powershift transmissions hydraulics, final drives and differentials. It is also ideal for use in Spicer, Fuller, and Allison truck transmissions. #239S Super Lube Supreme is blended to flow well in cold weather and handle high heat without breakdown.

#293A Supreme Gear Lube Famous for its ability to carry heavier loads and reduce frictional wear, Supreme Gear Lube helps gears run cooler and last longer. The presence of the soluble Moly “plating” on all moving parts minimizes the action of cold welding that occurs when gears have been standing idle.

#137 Diesel Treat 2000 Formulated for the mining industry, Diesel Treat 2000 causes your fuel to burn cleanly and more efficiently, providing better fuel economy, increased power, decreased emissions, and enhanced engine life. Also available in winterized formulas.

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